GET 2 TEES FOR £40 💰 Or 3 for only £50
GET 2 TEES FOR £40 💰 Or 3 for only £50
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With over 30 years of collective experience in fashion and e-commerce, our team all share a disconnect with the current industry, its values, and how it works for small brands. From high barriers to entry, big financing needed for sample collections, to the tens of thousands of investment required to fulfil an order to a major retailer before you can even get your foot in the door. Turning brilliant design ideas into a professional retail company is hugely challenging. The product might be amazing but logistical issues such as manufacturing, fulfilment, and providing quality customer service all with a tiny team can cause brands to fail before they've even got started due to a simple lack of experience and resources.

Alongside these issues fashion labels have a ethical and social responsibility to be conscious of their environmental and social footprint, but with major retailers holding all the power they can take advantage of young brands giving them such unfair margins and payment terms that means they have no choice but to manufacture cheaply / unethically or face going it alone and not see as much success.

So with all of these issues in mind the concept for The Drop Shop was born. We're an online platform that supports and showcases emerging brands whilst taking away their stress by dealing with all the logistics and also allowing them to be ethical, responsible and sustainable via us. The brands we partner with are able to concentrate on being creative whilst we take care of all the rest from manufacturing through to delivery. By shopping with us you are directly supporting small independent brands and helping to change the game, because fashion doesn't have to cost the earth.



We support and showcase small brands whilst taking care of all the boring logistics from manufacture and delivery all the way through to customer service and returns.


We carefully consider the social, ethical and environmental impact of everything we do. To understand how we do this in more detail click the "Our Footprint" tab above.


Our expert experience in fashion and e-commerce means we are able to deliver independent "not on the high street" products from small brands alongside a luxury or major retailer style level of service.


All the products sold on our site come from variety of ethically responsible suppliers that are accredited by the FLA and WARP. The cotton used in the products is from the USA which has some of the strictest sustainability and social ethical responsibility practices and regulations world wide.

Depending on your location, we print and dispatch everything from the UK or USA using 100% organic toxic free inks that are vegan friendly and also safe for babies and infants.



In our commitment to protect the environment we aim to reduce the use of plastic and where possible use alternatives. We have partnered with NO ISSUE to produce our mailing bags.

Their revolutionary packaging is 100% biodegradable and in a compost will completely decompose within 6 months!



We believe in reducing the impact of fast fashion and therefore we only make a product once an order has been placed, dramatically reducing waste left over at the end of each season.

Most high street brands are left with tons of waste each year from unsold goods which is then sent to landfills rather than sold to prevent the “cheapening” of their brand, we are against this practice and we only make what we need.


The girls at Fornever begin selling vintage on market stalls in Bricklane, moving on to launch their own collection in 2017 taking inspiration from all walks of life; real girls, influencers, the catwalk, social media and street trends. “We mix things up and create fun designs that are wardrobe staples. "We don’t take ourselves too seriously and love playing around with brands and logos, providing you with fun, fresh, trend led designs that can be worn on any occasion”

Shop their full collection here.

The original vintage merch inspired brand launched back in 2016. Throwback Tees stir up some serious nostalgia for us 90s babies with their vintage inspired band tees.

They throw it back to the old school but also keep it fresh and pay homage to some of our favourite current music and tv icons.

Shop their full collection here.

& Louise is a female led company that creates vintage inspired-graphic slogan tees with a 70s girl power twist. They love everything retro and 70s, their tees will have you dreaming like you were chilling with friends in the cali sun. “Our mission is to empower women to wear want they want and feel confident expressing themselves and who they want to be”

Shop their full collection here

Box fresh streetwear label launched in 2018 with limited edition designs. The Homegrown creative focus on culture mashups, guaranteed to bring the question “where’s that from?” Whether you choose to tell or not, keep it homegrown.

Shop their full collection here

Founded in 2018 and coming out of Hackney, Politictee Correct is a new brand run by a duo with background in graphic design. The brand creates satirical themed tees and sweats based on current political and pop cultural themes. They are a brand with a conscious and a proportion of all profits generated from their sales on The Drop Shop are donated directly to the homeless charity Shelter each month. We can’t get enough of their “satirical tees for the many not the few”

Shop their full collection here

The Cute AF motto is that basics don’t need to be basic. With their affordable, cute, colourful collection, Cute AF allows you to brighten up your wardrobe without breaking up with your bank #dontbreakup #brightenup

Shop their full collection here.

Sketch tees takes our favourite musicians and artists and turns them into amazing hand drawn artwork which is then carefully printed onto tees, sweats and prints. From our fave baby girl Aaliyah to legend David Bowie, they have you covered.

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Soul Cult is a London based brand that sells new wave, edgy and weird clothing. Think super oversized tees, borrowed-from-the-boys-baggy and team with rainbow stripes and clashing checked prints.

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